1. How do you describe someone's pants in his butt crack? tucked? wedge? Could you provide a sentence?

2. What's the verb to correct the problem? He realized his pants were ... and (verb)

I live a sheltered life, so I'm not sure. But no doubt more worldly people will be able to quickly tell you the common term.

Be aware, as I'm sure you are, that many people consider this topic and the expression 'butt crack' to be vulgar.

Best wishes, Clive
Hi N2G,

A dictionary should be one of our best companions...

have/lead a sheltered life DISAPPROVING
to have a life in which you are protected too much and experience very little danger, excitement or variety:
Until going to university, she had led a very sheltered life.
(Source: Cambridge dictionary )
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HAHA. Thanks for your warning, Clive. Yes, I know but I don't know a more polite term. Any suggestions?

I don't quite understand the meaning of sheltered likfe but sort of can guess. Could you explain a bit if you don't mind?
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ACtually, I did search this time and most of the time but didn't find any. I may have had a typo or something. Thanks, Tanit.
1. He/she has a wedgie.
2. He realized his pants were wedgied, or he realized that he had a wedgie

there isn't a verb specifically to rectify a wedgie, you would have to describe the process of pulling the fabric out of the area. He pinched the fabric between his fingers...