Kites by Nona Keen Duffy

Last two lines of the poem.

Up into the sky they'll sail

While each one tugs and waves it's tail.

What does 'tugs' mean here, 'pull' or 'push'?


I guess you've ever flown a kite; few kids do nowadays. What keeps a kite up in the air is the wind pressing against its surface, while the string attached to the kite, which you hold, serves to anchor the kite in position. What you feel in the string is a "tug" (pull) caused by the wind pressing against the kite surface. The tail of the kite serves as a stabilizer.

While each one tugs and waves its tail. (your mistake, not the poet's.)

What does 'tugs' mean here, 'pull' or 'push'? pull (eg a dog tugs on its leash)

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