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"If you're so certain that the accusations are a lie, then why not invite more discussion?"

Because i don't want these to words to fit in people's subconscious.Maybe this title must change as "Was this a genocide?".I mean this title must be a question because this is not a proven event by historians.
Turks always wanted to research this subject with armenian historians but they don't approach. Our prime minister called armenian historians to research this event again and again. Why they don't accept to research these events together???
Maybe they are afraid of arising of the truths.
I want to put my two cents in it. Last year Turkish prime minister,Recep Tayyip Erdogan, offered to Armenian prime minister to constitute a commision comprising historicians from both sides to argue about the alleged genocide(i think this term suits better)and find a solution to discussion.However, Armenian PM refused the proposal and said If Turkey opens the borders with Armenia, they will think about it.(By the way,the borders between Turkey and Armenia is closed because of the Armenian massacre in Azerbaijani-Karabakh not because of the claims of alleged Armenian genocide)Last week, when a Dannish journalist talked offensively about the attitude of Turkish government towards the matter, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan reminded this offering and there came no answer.

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i want to ask to readers of this thread.Imagine that you are in world war1.And your soldiers are fighting with foreign soldiers in so many part of your country. And your country don't have enough food,enough equipments to fight with them. And at this time a nation who you have been living together with for centuries are supporting enemies.ok they can support if they want. but they(armenians) are burning your villages,killing your innocent women,men,children... So you decide to send this nation to send far away.But you don't want to kill them ,only sending them away because of security.
And you are sending them with railroad train for the half of journey.because of the incompetence,they are contiuning their way by walking.
The weather is too hot and the foods near them are not enough for long journey.So ,so many armenians die because of the hot weather and hunger.this is very sad sitiuation you know.But you don't have enough food for your soldiers either.Even some of your soldiers don't have shoe.they are barefooted.and they are thirsty and hungry too.
are you committing genocide by sending this nation away if they died during the journey?

This was not a planned action.Turks never thought to kill armenians.So this can not be called as genocide.
I can show you so many pictures which show the massacres made by armenians.but i don't want to show.Maybe you feel very bad.
But i can show you a picture of two turkish soldiers.Maybe you can imagine the situations of them.
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