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why didn't you mention

Manga & Göksel - Dursun Zaman,

Şebnem Ferah - Çakıl Taşları and Can Kırıkları

Seksendört - Ölürüm Hasretinle

Teoman - Güzel Bir Gün (it's a bit older, but it's great)?

Those are the pearls of Turkish rock music. If you have these links, please share it with the people on the forum.

Maybe you should also provide a link to Nil's video of Organize İşler, because a lot of people should see her as well. Emotion: wink
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hi bkolarski,

soryy,i think i don't like Teoman and Şebnem Ferah Emotion: sad
but i will give link for you Emotion: wink
Şebnem Ferah-can kırıkları

here are some klips which i like Emotion: smile

Gulsen-Ya Tutarsa

Nil Karaibrahimgil-Organize isler(A Turkish Film's music)

Hirsiz Police(music of turkish TV serie)

Grup Badem
bkolarski your other requests:
Manga&Goksel-Dursun zaman
Teoman-Guzel bir gun , i couldn't find this but do you want ask kirintilari

I hope some other people will see these videos. You have some great music there in Turkey. I watch your TV channels all the time, since I speak a little bit Turkish and I've seen all the videos on Dream TV, Powerturk, Kral, etc.

If some of you have moving satellite dish, check these channels out on Turksat 1C/Eurasiasat on 42 degrees east. You can find some awesome music there.
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anonymous where are you from?
It was me. I don't know how I got anonymous. Emotion: wink
ok Emotion: smile
thanks for your comments
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