Turn the valve three times.

Does this mean 'turn it 360x3 degrees'?
LiveinjapanTurn the valve three times.

Does this mean 'turn it 360x3 degrees'?To me it does.

I've found a surprising number of people who think a half-turn is a turn.
When the valve handle is in the form of a cross bar ("T"), it's very tempting.

In all honesty, the term is not very specific. It's strictly a matter of convention.

I was never in the Navy, but I understand that they are very precise in their valve language and procedures.
(Eg, never back seat a gate valve.) Aboard ship, those things are critical.

Personally, I always use the term "full turns" when it's important.

You might want to add direction, eg clockwise or anticlockwise.
With valves, it's also common to say eg open the valve, eg close the valve.

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Thanks, Avangi and Clive.

I understand!!
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