I'm Ziya- a new member of January 9th 2010. I'm very interested in learning English and friends all over the world. Could any of the members collective to me help me with the meaning of the following sentence."Turn off the ramp." Does this means towads the ramp or opsite the ramp-downwards?

I already answered your other query abut this.

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Hi Ziya and welcome to the forum. We are happy to help you.

I'm not quite sure what your sentence means since there's no context. The 'ramp' often refers to the entrance or exit roads to or from a freeway and you can say 'on-ramp' to mean the one to get on or 'off-ramp' to get off.

"Turn off the ramp" could mean that you turn in a certain direction after you leave the freeway on the exit ramp; but then you would usually say: Turn right [or left] from the exit ramp [or off-ramp].

Maybe it is trying to say: Turn off at the ramp. In other words, Get off [the freeway] at the next exit [off-ramp].

If you give me the context in which the sentence appears, I can help you better.

Best wishes,
Hi. Thanks a lot for your reply. Write you. Bye.
Hi. I do thanks very much to you too. I'm sorry my ex-query was not clear I learned. But your detailed answer with all probabılities has helped me with understanding what I wanted together wit some other tips. Bye.
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