When one "turns red", are we just describing the superficial appearance of the person or are we talking about emotions, or either?

I'm reading this ESL book which is patterned after the Callan Method and a question here goes this way "Do you turn red when you get angry?". OK the question is guiltless but the anticipated and desired answer is "Yes. I turn red when I'm angry." I've heard the expression "turn red" so many times and every time, the expression was used to imply "blushing". And i think we don't blush when we get angry. We blush when we are embarrassed or a girl blushes when her crush calls her name. I was just wondering whether we could use the expression "turn red" to signify anger.

Hi lagataw:

The expression "turn red" can mean to get angry or to be embarrassed.
The expression "see red" means to get very very angry.

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Yes, a red face is associated with anger as well as with embarrassment.
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Thanks very much Mr Wordy.