Oliver's jet is still on the ground and Chloe gets aboard.
Chloe: Oliver, you're sure hard to get ahold of.
Oliver: Chloe, hey. You know, the
captain hasn't even turned off the "fasten seat belt" sign yet.
Meaning he was just getting ready to fly?
What warrants this visit out to the tarmac?
Chloe: Clark and Lois are missing.
Oliver: Have you checked the newspaper?
I'm sure they're just out chasing fire trucks again. Out to search for stories?
The "fasten seat belt" light tells passengers that they have to buckle up. Rules are that during take off and landing, you have to be buckled up.
"Ambulance chasing" is the real idiom. It is used in reference to lawyers seeking accident victims who might want to make a law suit. Of course, they will get a lot of the money if they win.
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