There are some private students but not enought foreign teachers in Guangzhou. Please contact us soon. Take a look here:<link removed, you may add it to your profile only>
I would love to send you my résumé and I am ready to travel to Guangzhou - which I had the chance to visit last year. Would you please reply to <email address removed by mod. with an e-mail I can write to?


H. Cantanhede.
Please I am now in Guangzhou and wish to know if there are still vaancies to teach English in Guangzhou. My email is <removed by mod.> Please reply and I will be sending my resume if you desire it.
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hi i a a naive english speaker from the UK I am living in guangzhou for a year and am available to give private lessons!!!please contact me on <email address removed by mod. Please register and add it to your profile.>


My anme is John , i am British and currently living in London. My wife is Chinese and we
plan on moving to China in june 2009. I will be enrolling in a TEFL course at Trinity college
London in April 2009 and would be looking for teaching positions in Guangzhou.

I would have no teaching experience aprt from the practical i will be taught at Trinity college.
Would it be possible to apply for a teaching position with only my TEFL qualification.
My work background in in Engineering , but at present i am working in the travel industry.

I would be grateful for any kind of reply.

Kind Regards

John Montgomery
I forgot to add my email address . (EDITED: John you'll need to sign in and add emails to your profile)
Thank you again

John Montgomery
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