hi, i'm italian and i ask myself if there's any particular tv show easier than others to understand english listening to it. can you recommend some?

thank you very much!
News programs generally use relatively simple English, and the hosts generally have easily understood accents.
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From my point of view,it's not good to learn english from TV showing at the very begging,you know ,many slangs in movie and all people speaking are very fast,so i think it's not suiting the begining of english learner.for me ,still in english learing ,i just blurting out useful sentens everyday ,and read a lots of article,meanwhile ,make many friends from internet and chatting with them for improving my english skill,via chatting with them, i know more about them different culture and add my interesting in english learing you know.anyone have somen good method or skills can share to us,thanks in advance.
try new programes like bbc