A few years ago, a technician friend told me the acronym/term TWAIN stands for 'Technology Without An Intelligent Name.

The 'TWAIN Working Group' claim it is from Kipling's 'The Ballad of East and West' (..."and never the twain shall meet"), and that it reflects the difficulty of connecting scanners and personal computers, but I am interested to know whether anyone has other information.

Isn't Kipling the guy that makes cakes?

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Twain is old English for two, or couple. So I suppose there could be some truth in the Working Group's statement.

But I did find this definition:

("Technology without an interesting name") Developed by a consortium of imaging hardware and software manufacturers, TWAIN is a cross-platform interface for acquiring pictures captured by TWAIN - compliant scanners, digital cameras, and still-frame video capture boards. In FrontPage, you can transfer pictures onto pages directly from TWAIN-compliant devices.

This is similar to that Adidas campaign, 'All Day I Dream About Sports'. Adidas is actually named after Adi Dassler, the company founder.

But you never know with IT people, I should know.
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