hi...can neone help me to make a sentence from the twin words "body and soul". The meaning of this phrase is together/stay alive a difficult circumstance....
To be an Olympian, one must love the sport body and soul.

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My friend Maurice Oxford hardly earns enough to keep body and soul together.

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A job tackled with a will

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You have to use the words 'body and soul', Anonymous.

please give me 10 examples of twin words


Please give me 10 examples of twin words.

What do you mean by 'twin words'?

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The answer is:-

Bag and Baggage

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♣ alive and kicking

♣ bag and baggage

♣ beck and call

♣ body and soul

♣ cats and dogs

♣ chop and change

♣ Darby and Joan

♣ down and out

♣ facts and figures

♣ fair and square

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