Please help tell me which is the correct way of saying. Sometimes, I am confused between these two ways.

Thank you!
two more books would be the correct answer.

Example: I need two more books to complete my 'Grisham' collection.
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Thank you Chris!

I was very surprised I received your reply very fast (I posted the question 1 hour ago). This is the first time I've joined www.EnglishForward.com. I am very happy I have found this website. From now on, I will post my question here if I have question about English.

Sometimes I have many question about English but I don't know who I can ask. You are doing a very helpful job. My sincere compliments for the people at www.EnglishForward.com. I am surely will recommend this helpful website to all of my friends

Again, thanks.
It's nice to have you here. To be honest with you, I don't answer many posts here and there are others who answer grammar questions much better than I do (people like: Rommie, Mike_in_Japan, whl626, johnc and loads of others I haven't mentioned.)

Anyway, we're all here to help people who ask!

See you around