I am comfusing to use s in currency note. Which one is right. Thanks

Q: two hundreds or two hundred
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three hundred forty
For a bank note, you should use the numeral spelling "two hundred dollars".

The "I gave him two hundreds" is considering a "hundred" as a name for a 100 dollar bill, and that would imply you paid with 2 100 dollar bills, that is, not 4 50 dollar bills.

"two hundreds" can be used when a hundred X is a conventional size for a set of X's. For instance, when talking about white paper at an office, where bundles of one hundred sheets are kept.
"I gave him to hundreds of white paper sheets".
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Google suggests TWO HUNDRED!
$200 - two hundred
$2,000 - two thousand
$2,000,000,000 - you can write it any way you want
Do we say two hundred fifty or two hundreds fifty
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Is it correct to say "the hundreds of sheep" or "a hundreds of sheep "
Anonymous"the hundreds of sheep"
The hundreds of sheep in the hills need to be herded into the fold.
There are a hundred sheep in the fold.
There are five hundred deers in the farm or there are five hundred deers at the farm. Which is correct
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two hundred two