Hi Guys,

1) I have received an email from my friend, who lives in UK. He have two small kids and he wrote to me about them...:".... They are kind of gratuitous with the hands, you know...;-) ".

I checked the dictionary for the word gratuitous and it doesn't make a sense to me...:-((. Please did he mean, that his kids touches on everything ??? Like the small children usually do?

2) In one book designated for the cooking, if found this: "...it leaves ridge detail on it". Please, what does it mean if something leaves ridge detail ?? I checked the dictionary for this word and I'm a little confused, as well as in the previous case...:-((

cheers and have a nice weekend.

Hello JCD,

Yes, #1 seems to mean "they put their hands everywhere", "they are free with their hands". It's a slightly humorous formulation.

"It leaves ridge detail" in #2 seems to mean "it creates little ridges".

Have a good weekend!

Nice, thank you for help.