1.Bill"s widely acclaimed book,I KNOW YOU,is a moving and _____of her childhood in alabama. A.an account that is often humorous B.often humorous account the answer is B,but i think it should be "an" in front of "account".
2.here goes a conversation:A:i have an appointment with doctor james at 3" o clock tommorow,but i want to reschedule,any chance i can get in by the end of the week?B:well,we just have a cancellation for friday.after that,the doctor will be out of the office for 2 weeks . i want to know the meaning of the sentence:"we just have a cancellation for friday" this is a listening comprehension,the answer is:"the doctor can see the man this week"

i really appreciate your help
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1. The "a" before "moving" is what you are looking for. It is true that the book is "an account" of the author's childhood. But in the sentence you have several words modifying "account" (moving and often humorous"), and the article will precede them. Since the first word in that construction starts with a consonant sound (the "m" in "moving") you use "a" instead of "an".

2. "We just have a cancellation for Friday".
The sentence means that the only other day (besides your previous appointment) you can see the doctor before he leaves for two weeks is Friday because another patient has cancelled their appointment (probably they have called to tell the secretary they will not be able to go to the doctor's office on Friday).
So, yes, the doctor can see the man this week, on Friday.

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thank you verymuch,Miriam,if you have free time to go to beijing,tell me,it will be my treat,you are so generous!BTW,are you familiar with the logic structure of american essay,i have another post,and no one replied
Beijing? Who knows? Perhaps one day...
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I've read your posts about your essay, and I think it's being taken care of now.
I can write my own essays, but my style is perhaps a bit too "free" for what you'll be asked to do in school/college.

As I said, I've read the thread and I think you've been given good advice.
Remember to always start sentences with a capital letter and to leave a space between a period and the beginning of the next sentence.

Good luck!