Hello, all!
I was wondering how I could understand these two sentences:

1. "I was cut underneath by another (man?)"

2. "Cross your heart and hope to die" I know cross MY heart and hope to die, but in this example, could it be something like "if YOU lie I'll die"?

Thanks in advance
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it was very fantastic sentences

I am not familiar with the first one.

The second, 'cross your heart and hope to die' is just putting the 'cross my heart and hope to die' pledge on them - you are asking them to swear they are telling the truth (or they die).
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Thanks, Nona.

Could "I was cut underneath" be similar to "I was undercut"?
Hello Pieanne

I've never heard 'I was cut underneath' either.

A competitor who sells his goods or services cheaper than yours is 'undercutting' you, and you could say that you were 'undercut' by him.

If I did hear 'I was cut underneath', I would take it in a literal sense: a whale might be 'cut underneath' by a malicious deep-sea diver...

Thank you, Mr P. & Nona.
I'd never heard that either.
They're lyrics from a rather obscure song...
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Perhaps it is just a way of saying 'hurt inside'-- psychologically injured.
'Wishing I was yours forever
Can we rely on love?
I was lost, cut underneath by another
and the feeling that crept into our home'

Is it this one, Pieanne? (From a google.)

It sounds like a mixture of 'undercut' and MisterM's interpretation.

Yes indeed, it IS!
You DO amaze me!
Does it more or less mean that another man I guess + the feeling etc... was making her feel bad, preventing her to feel happy?
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