Hi guys,

Can anyone clear up for me the next two phrases?

a) Please guys, when I'm in piss mood and say to someone in an offensive tone: "You worthless excuse for a human being!!!" Please is this another way of saying "You worthless loser ?" I found a lot of examples, which would confirm it, but I'd like to have your confirmation anyway.

- Dick Cheney is probably the most odious excuse for a human being to hold the office of Vice President.

- You’re a worthless excuse for a human being who is cheating on one of the greatest girls in Hogwarts.

- (situation at the court) Did anyone NOT think this worthless excuse for a human being would plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Please guys, what does it mean exactly? I can't say it for sure...:-(

b) Please just imagine the situation that you're in charge of something (FBI unit...my context) . Now your boss tell's you: "You're going back on the street(????). You'll step down
as head of the unit. Your pay grade drops to 13

Please guys, I'm pretty sure that the speaker didn't mean degradation to the ordinary police officer, who is guarding the streets. I think that he meant "You're going back on the street" as "you will become an ordinary employee." Please what do you think? I know that this question is a little shot in the dark, but just your opinion would be very helpfull...

many thanks guys in advance!

Best Regards

Loser is too special. In no way would anyone describe Dick Chaney as a loser. If we were to make a list of the finest, noblest virtues to which a human being may attain, humans who score very low in possessing these qualities might be said to have no value (worthless) as humans in the eyes of some. I'm not sure how to explain "excuse" as it's used here. I believe "substitute" would be a synonym.

When you watch police detective movies or shows on TV, you get the impression that every cop starts out walking a beat, and aspires to some day become a detective. The detectives seem to have it all. Very few shows seem to glorify the uniformed officer. A great exception might be Wambaug's The New Centurions (George C. Scott and - can't remember - the guy with the hair lip) - fantastic! There were a couple of TV series - one with George Kennedy and one with the guy from Seahunt. (Man, it's awful getting old!)

Sometimes you get the impression that the detectives actually look down on "the uniforms," as they sometimes call those who wear one. But of course that's just in the movies. Sadly, I don't have any police officers among my personal friends, so I can't say what it's like in real life.

I don't think anyone likes being demoted - even when it's not as a punishment. That doesn't necessarily mean they disrespect the rank and file.

Best wishes, - A.
worthless excuse = not worthy of the title

back on the street = no desk job (in case of police, it would be a walking 'beat' rather than an inside investigator's job [yes, ordinary employee]
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