Hi guys,

I just finished my another english lesson. Please, may I have two questions, which concerns two different situations?

A) Two cops are talking with each other...

Cop A: Why are you working on this case?

Cop B: How make the big bucks?

Cop A: You got a thing for kid jobs? (kid job = crimes, where are kids involved)

Please, I'm kind of confussed with the answer of the cop B. I'm thinking about two meanings...

1) Please, is the sentence "how make the big bucks" just shorter form of the sentence "how about to make big bucks"??? In the meaning that the "cop B" just wants to make more then ends meet?

2) Or guys from America, are you using this sentence as an sarcastic reaction in the situations, when someone is giving you stupid questions???

B) make go of something...

Group of detectives just found out that one child, which plays an important role in the case, was being abused.

Cop A: We'd know more if we had a body, but...looks like that child was being abused.

Cop B: Seems like the mother couldn't make a go of it.

Cop C: Abusing the kid, goes too far one night. Sets the fire to cover it up.

Did the cop B say that the mother didn't know when to stop?

Of course, just your opinion would be very helpfull...:-)

many thanks in advance.

A: that he couldn't make ends meet might be the reason; the expression would be better put as "How else to make big bucks?"

B: make a go of it = make things work, get along, be successful [She tried nursing but couldn't make a go of it because she lacked patience (not patients).] [The pay was so low I just couldn't make a go of it]
Thank you Philip for perfect and very clear explanation!..:-)

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