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Hey there, I was wondering if you could help me with a question, whose answer I don't seem to be able to find...

If two persons sign the same business letter, whose signature goes to the right - the one that's ranked higher in the company or his subordinate's?

Thanks a bunch in advance:)
An intriguing question. I cannot locate an authority, but I would presume that the higher-ranked individual would sign first, and therefore be the leftmost signature (to avoid smudging the ink).

These days, I would think that one signature would go below the other anyway, in the more 'modern' flush-to-left-margin style.
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Yeah, I guess it really depends on where one normally signs a letter - to the right or to the left. Seems like everything's changing too fast these days, not to mention that rules are more often than not discregarded and because everyone has their own opinion on what's right and what's wrong, writing has become a normless jumble (like I still cannot make my colleagues understand that wiriting faxes in CAPS is extremely rude and unprofessional). And don't even get me started in punctuation....

Anyway, thanks for answering... my mum's was having this discussion with her new boss (which is never a good idea in the first place;))