Yes, I was that far from

the train on that morning,
from that huge pine falling ,
two steps from Jennifer,
and from another sperm,
from a big truth once, one Wednesday,
from Madonna at the Wembley,
from a triangle, a Bermuda,
from my mother on the sofa,
only two steps I was from
saying you were mine, and on
a field once from a campfire,
from a tree that I desired,
from the syringe with heroin,
two steps close to the biggest sin,
I was that close to the Eden,
to pleasant dreams of a bedridden,
two steps far once from a shark,
John is dead, he was braver, and dark
rooms were that close to me, twenty
millions of superb girls in panties,
that close to normal obedience,
one step away from a genious,
a millimeter close to my grandfather,
a micron close to my mother,
millions of steps from daddy’s crave,
God, two steps close to his grave.
I love it.
You love it. That's naural.
You love me. That's supernatural.