We might except cloning to change our relationships. Bernard Williams discusses what it would be like to love someone just as an instance of a type rather than an individual person. He says,

We can dimly see what this would be like. It would be like loving a work of art in some reproductive medium. One might start comparing, as it were, performance of the type; and wanting to be near the person one loved would be like wanting very much to hear some performance, even an indifferent one, of Mozart.

What exactly does the 'type' mean here? What do you think Mr. Williams is trying to say with his 'type' here?
b : one (as an object, a person, or a kind of entity) that possesses or exemplifies qualities of a higher category : MODEL, EXEMPLAR:

Perhaps, an archtype.

You want a college-educated woman from a good family; you want a guy who can fix cars... not "Maria" or "Frank"
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Thank you both.
GG, your examples brings me so vivid an image of what it is about! 
Cool. Can you fix cars?
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We might except cloning to change our relationships.

Shouldn't this be "expect"?