Hello all,

I keep stumbling across the phrase "to type away", but I can't figure out whether its meaning is the same as that of just "to type" or not...

Need your help.
Hi Ant

He's been typing away for hours now. That means he has been busily (or possibly fervently) typing, and suggests "non-stop" typing (i.e. without taking any breaks).

Does that answer your question?
I associate away with continuity of action and a certain amount of absorption of the mind in the activity, mixed in many cases with an enjoyment of the activity. It's not a particularly formal device.

She was happily -- singing away; typing away; cooking away; whistling away

It doesn't work with every verb, of course,

The sound of the music was dying away in the distance.

and it cannot be used in this meaning with statives,

*living away, *sitting away, *depending away, *resting away

and with many verbs, especially, but not exclusively, with verbs of motion, it has its literal meaning:

run away; walk away; go away
keep away; stay away; be away

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Thank you, Yankee and CalifJIm!

When I am typing, I am away beause I am cunsumed by typing.
When I am typing, I am away beause I am consumed cunsumed by typing.
Not a bad paraphrase! In a way, it issomething like that -- to my mind, anyway. Emotion: smile

Well, this in no way pretends to a definition, I just tried to convey the "business" aspect of your and Amy's explanations... in an exaggerated way.

I'm glad I've been understood!
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