What is the difference between single room, double room and deluxe room?

What is the right term to use for:

a room with a King-sized bed

a room with a Queen-sized bed

a room with two single beds

a room with two double beds

a room with a single bed

a room with a double bed

I do not know what the words 'single', 'double', and 'deluxe' are associated with, the number of guests or the number of beds or the type of bed?

Thanks in advance
I believe this varies from country to country - it's certainly different in the UK and the US as I've know some US tourists get very confused over our room descriptions and end up booking the wrong thing.

Here in the UK double bed means one bed that sleeps two people and single bed is a small bed that only sleeps one person. I think you may find that in the US double means 2 beds in the room and single means 1 bed in the room.


room with double/king/queen bed - a double room. We don't have different names for the rooms because of the bed size. If it is one bed that sleeps two people, then it's a double room. Some hotels might want to advertise the advantages of a bigger bed by mentioning king/queen but that's just the detail; the room itself is still a double.

room with two single beds - twin room

room with two double beds - very rare in the UK so there isn't a special name for it. The hotel would have to invent something to explain this or use 'family' room

room with a single bed - single room

room with beds for more than 2 people - usually called 'family' rooms. You also get a 'triple' - three people, which could be 3 single beds or a double and single, for example.
I am so sure this question was posted here before and I had explained in details....
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So you did. Here's the thread with more info including the US meanings double room vs double bed room vs double bedded room
Interesting. They are so well-defined in the UK: single room, twin room, double room, and family room.

Are these terms used in the US too, or they have their own different terms like what GG believes?

Goodman, I just read your previous post on this topic and you mentioned that there's ambiguity in the word 'double'. The post didn't ask about single, twin and family, so you didn't say anything on that. Could you add on?

You can trust GG's definitions; she is American. Also, that's what I was thinking when I said the US uses these words differently.
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In the , the beds we can buy from a furniture store range from King, Queen, Double, and Twin. These are the regular sizes. When making a hotel / motel reservation, sometimes it could be confusing with the word “double” when the clerk fails to make it clear. It could mean a room with double (2) beds, or “double” as in the size. One time we got to the hotel and our reservation was somehow messed up, they gave us a room with a round bed which I swore was about 8 feet across. That was a treat!