hi all,

what you know about UAE culture?
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Actually, not very much. I know that women must be veiled in public, and are not allowed to drive, and a few other bits of information
Very little.

Obviously, an Arab culture, whatever that really means. It makes me think of deserts and horses and men in white robes with headcloths.

Also a major oil producing area.

I've heard that the airline is excellent!

Politically/socially? I don't think this is a democratic society. Isn't it run by sheiks so all power is in the hands of a few hereditary positions? Vast difference between the rich and powerful and the poor (although I suppose that is true about most countries) but Sheiks have a reputation here for being mind-stonkingly super billionnaire style rich! If a very large multi million property comes on sale in Britain, everyone assumes that the only possible private buyer will be a Sheik. People have the impression that sheiks are very arrogant.

I agree with Abbie on her impressions on the attitude towards women. My impression is that they are very much discriminated against whilst men feed out the old rubbish that 'it's because women are so special and we respect them so much' that they are not allowed out on their own, or uncovered, or with men they are not married/related to, or to work. I think the not driving thing is Saudi Arabia though, which I don't think is part of the UAE.

So, original poster, why don't you fill us in with some facts if this is your home? What is everyday life like?
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hi abbie,

how days in UAE women free to do anything such as working out said and also Allowed to drive.maybe u taking about past but now its all thing change.
Well, Friend, it's good to have you to explain your culture to us a little more.

Are women allowed to drive alone, or do they need a man in the car with them?

women allowed to drive alone without man.but after she marry then her husband if he allowed her it ok if no that mean no.so women in uae allowed to drive and to work.

if u want to know more about uae Culture then tell me.

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Ah - so women must still do what their husband says? Western women would not tolerate that, I'm afraid!
Its depend in our culture.women have to not forget her culture and her Responsibility as a mother or wife and els.........
In our culture too women are the main "care givers" i.e. look after the family. But they often work as well as care for the house and the family, and they don't usually have much help.
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