Do UFOs really come from other galaxies, or are they just secret weapons developed here on earth? It seems odd to me that they always seem to show up on or very near to secret military installations.

Of course the ultimate cover for secret weapons testing is to say "these things belong to Martians - not us" and hope that someone will believe you.

So, are we really being visited by little green (or grey perhaps) men, or are UFOs from Earth - just part of the electro-gravitic research efforts that have been continuing since the mid forties?
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"Do UFOs really come from other galaxies, or are they just secret weapons developed here on earth?"

Why not both, Mike? I don't think they're mutually exclusive. Emotion: smile
Good point Mirriam.
Do you think aliens (in this case beings from other galaxies), would be interested in us if they knew we existed?
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Here's my two-pence:

1) UFO's / Aliens are two different topics most of the time.
2) Aliens – It’s unlikely we’re alone (“that would be an awful waste of space!” – Film: Contact)
3) 90% of sightings on Earth are man made – there’s no doubt governments play with alien technology they find.
4) Nobody is interested in Alien stuff anymore; X-Files blew all that up so much it deflated.
5) We should be; it’s a great topic.
6) We’ll confirm life existed on other planets soon (20+ years? Just a guess but I’ll put good money on itEmotion: wink )
7) People still seem to think Alien cultures would fly down here to ‘invade’ our planet. Hmm – anybody seen the size of the universe lately, kinda rules out the hassle needed to do that when you’ve got a billion++ other clean ones (planets) to choose from.
8) They clearly know we exist and they clearly still treat this place as a minor tourist attraction – perhaps their scientists monitor certain things from time to time.
9) I’d passively monitor our immune systems and general working physiology; since THAT’s a great technology you wouldn’t want to lose.
10) Aliens are people too.. jeje
11) I’m sure there’s an order to all this; with potentially millions of species roaming around there must be some form of ‘policing’ of it.
12) I imagine planets like our own are pretty much left alone till they develop to a point that would be conducive to experiencing a greater understanding.
13) Popping down right now would throw millions of humans into a state of panic. We haven’t stop whining and fighting about religion, power and land yet – aren’t we an attractive bunch!? I wouldn’t bother with this planet yet – just leave it to sort itself out and hopefully not too many more people will be blown up.
14) We’re 7 billion idiots fighting with each other – pretending there’s this huge amount of difference amongst us. There isn’t, we’re all small, petty and currently not very interesting. It’ll probably take another 200 years to come close to sorting out this [email protected] (sorry)
Maybe aliens have not visited the Earth, but they ARE attempting to communicate with us.
The following article proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt!
Another great story from the Weekly World News.

Aliens have tapped into our Internet connections

The porn that's clogging your e-mail inbox isn't always sent by some lonely pervert getting his kicks in a shabby apartment, or by marketing companies trying to make a buck on X-rated merchandise. A top researcher says you could also be getting spammed by aliens on a distant planet!

Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Winterhoof says aliens have "hijacked" the satellite transmissions that connect computers on the Internet, and are using them to contact Earth women with lurid claims about their sexual prowess -- or to entice Earth men with offers of miraculous performance-enhancing drugs and gadgets.

The purpose, Dr. Winterhoof says, is to more efficiently initiate sexual contact for a planned breeding program that will mate humans and extraterrestrials.

"It's well known that aliens have been mating with humans for generations," he says. "But now they are using the Internet to make first contact. Just as the Internet has changed the way humans socialize and do business, so has it altered the way in which aliens seek to infiltrate our society.

"It's a sinister new development, although it does have its benefits," he says. Rather than forcibly kidnapping Earth men and women and subjecting them to terrifying and often-painful breeding experiments, Dr. Winterhoof says, the aliens are now attempting to focus only on willing partners. "Either they are gentler and more considerate than we have given them credit for," he says, "or they simply realize that they'll attract less attention.

"After all, how many women would be willing to risk the ostracism that would result from telling the world she let an alien tie her up and engage in kinky sex games? And what man would admit publicly that his newest relationship began because he was trying to get Viagra at a deep discount?"

Dr. Winterhoof says he began to investigate the alienporn connection after receiving numerous racy emails filled with gibberish. "The message body, and sometimes even the subject line, contained hundreds of naughty words that had simply been strung together in ways that made no sense at all," he explains.

When he attempted to trace the source of the e-mails, he says, his search led to a server connected to a U.S. Air Force satellite launched in 1999.

The scientist advises anyone receiving the dirty messages to immediately delete them. "As their incomprehensible messages attest, these aliens can't read or write English well -- even if you send them a blistering sermon about sinful thoughts, they're going to assume you're interested.

"Unless you want a three-headed alien at your door with some high-tech sex toy, your best bet is to simply ignore these perverts."
Why would aliens want to visit us? We have exhausted all of our resources, someday there will be no more clean water, the world is over populated, and we are constantly fighting. If I was an advanced civilization I would put us out of our misery and blow the planet up. I'm sorry for speeking so negative about this I am usually very optimistic. I guess sarcasm got the best of me there.

Seriously though I think it could be both man and aliens. I can't say for sure because I don't know for sure.
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theres too much evidence and cover ups showing that the US developed disc shaped flying saucers during the 60s. the govt even egged on reports of UFOs etc. it was on a documentary

one account a man saw a disc aircraft with a man in a white suit get off the ufo and collect samples

but in reality it was a secret disc shaped aircraft with a scientist

but the us govt wants people to believe that it was a helicopter! lol

scientists have found ways (it was shown on tv) of using elctromagnetism and metal to make things float in the air
i don't believe in ufo. though we have not know much about the other galaxies, i see no enough proof of its existance.
maybe it is good for us to believe there are aliens on other planets. now we don't know whether we are the only creature or not. it is propably that we are not alone. if there really is another kind of creature, there is 50% chance that they are more civilized than us. they might be aggressive, invading on earth and making it a base for resources. once it happens, what should we do? we humans now are too separated by ourselves. we are cousing each other troubles, we are fighting with each other, and we are ruining our lives. once the superior kind appears, we will realize that we are in fact a family, a union living on the same globe. the earth is our home, all the human kind are brothers and sisters. the real threat is from the other galaxies, not among ourselves. so what we should do is try to be united and gain co-development. if not, we will be very frail when we are offended by the aliens.
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