Does anyone know where I can get cassettes with speakers of UK regional accents (especially Scottish) that I can use in the classroom?

I'm teaching a class of students who have problems understanding the accents of their colleagues from the north of England and Scotland and they'd like to improve their listening skills.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Hi Beth,

We just recorded some for the 'EnglishMed' project. It's to do with medical English, but there's a lot of material with scripts. In a month or so I can send you an mp3 if you want.

(The text will be accompanied by flash cartoons and scripts for free on the site)

Failing that, [url="http://scotchproductions.com/scottish-poet/audio.html"]Scottish Poet[/url] has some RealAudio clips you might find useful!
I'll check that out Hitch - I'd love to get my hands on some UK regional accent material!

Only yesterday I used an exercise from Headway Upper-Intermediate unit 1 where the students had to distinguish between: Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish, Austrailan and US accents. My students didn't have a clue! That wasn't even going into regional accents!

I love accents!
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Thanks for the suggestions - I'll take a look at the Headway exercise.

Unfortunately I don't think I have access to a computer in the classroom, but I'll check.
check out http://www.ukans.edu/~idea/index2.html

where you will find mp3 recordings of regional dialects.

use the annoying hidden drop-down menu at the top of the page. Follow your nose through Europe, England/Scotland/Wales etc.
try bbc.co.uk/radio and listen to the regional radio stations over the internet.

If you are lucky enough to have an MP3 recorder use this, failing that a tape recorder can give pretty good quality recordings
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hi, im stumbled across this forum and have nothing to do with it, but oddly enough i know the answer to your question. recordings for different regional accents can be found on most university language sites. type in the place, then .ac.uk - eg im at knt uni so go to www.kent.ac.uk and us the internal search to find it. search for looking at language or understanding language courses, and there are online recordings that the students here use for research and exams. have a click on http://www.kent.ac.uk/secl-local/Materials.htm and you should find some of the materials that im using at the mo there. best of luck.

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I'm a foreigner but I do love the British accent on the whole Emotion: smile that's why recently I have taken an interest in regional accents of the British Isles for the purpose of my MA thesis, especially Scouse, Brummie, Geordie, Cockney but also many others. And here my request arrives Emotion: smile would anyone be so kind as to give me an example of a TV commercial with any of those accents (the more, the better)? As the foreigner I'm not fully able to assess whether a commercial includes this or this accent ( I want my research to be realiable). I'm going to research the choice of the accent and its influence on the choice of a product. I would be grateful for any response from you.