he Indian Premier League (IPL) is back in India after shifting to South Africa last year because it could not get the expected security as it clashed with the general elections. The third edition of the Twenty20 razzmataz will spring to life Friday night when the 2009 champions Deccan Chargers take on Kolkata Knight Riders in the opening game in Navi Mumbai.
The tournament has been involved in fresh controversies. First, there were no takers for the Pakistani players at the January mini auction and the IPL authorities and the franchisees came in for severe criticism for not coming up with a satisfactory explanation for ignoring the Twenty20 World champions.
Second, the IPL's restrictive clause on the usage of television footage by the news channels led to their umbrella organisation, the National Broadcasters Association (NBA), threatening to boycott it. The two warring parties are still negotiating and hoping to arrive at a settlement before the first ball is bowled Friday.

Could you please explain to me what "umbrella" means in this context?

Source : http://sify.com/news/back-home-ipl-gets-off-friday-with-chargers-riders-tie-news-national-kdltOed...

An organization which has as its members other organizations. It enables all the member organizations to 'speak with a united voice'.

It's like they are all 'standing in the rain under one single umbrella'. Emotion: umbrella

Thank you Clive.

Could you please tell me what you mean by "as its members other organizations" in your explanation?

Because of this, I failed to understand it as a whole. Thank you.
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An organization which has other organizations as its members.


Thank you Clive.
But it's still little obscure to me.

But to some extent as per your explanation I guess umbrella organisation means "An offspring/offshoot of a main organisation"


Here's a little example.

Let's say there are the following organizations.

The Soccer Organization

The Tennis Organization

The Hockey Organization.

The Swimming Organization.

They keep asking the government for money, without any success.

So, they create an organization called

The Sports Council

and they all become members.

Now, they can talk to the government with a bigger voice and with more success.

The Sports Council is an umbrella organization.

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Thanks a lot Clive. You are amazing. Very nice examples. I got it now.