Hello guys,

Sorry if this is a wrong place to post my thread. I’ve registered a few days before, but I haven’t yet received the confirmation letter u should have sent. I’ve tried to reg again with the same user I’d picked, and it says “An error occurred while attempting to create this user”. I’ am guessing the problem comes from my mail hosting. Iv’e met similar problems in other forums as well, and some “admin” activates the acc. manually somehow. Can I be helped?

My chosen username: fisk

Registered mail: fisk [at] dir.bg (hosted in Bulgaria)

New mail for activation if necessary: fisk [at] gmail.comEmail Removed">

Best regards,

Hello Fisk. I have changed your password, and I will send you an email containing it in just a moment. Let me know whether it works.
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PS: I sent it to your gmail address.
PPS: Delivery to your gmail address failed. I have now sent it to your dir.bg address.
Hello Mister Micawber,

Undoubtedly I’m in! You have just won gallon of my homemade beer:)) If know some way to pass the customs authorities, let me know Emotion: wink

Thank you very much for the excellent reaction..

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