I just joined the forums today, I wonder what happened.

My user name is : sunray shower : (
Did you get the login email? What exactly happened?

I got the email, yes. Here's what happened.

I logged in for the first time several hours ago. posted one reply. logged out. came back to post few more posts. I entered the username and then I got this message saying:

Your account is pending approval

Until your account is approved you will be unable to sign in. You will receive an email when your account has been approved.

Make sure you CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER, if the email doesn't arrive!

Also check that your email system will allow future notifications through!

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I entered the username and the pass word.

PS. I really, really like my nickname. I wish you could help me get it back.
To be honest I'm not sure what happened there: sunray shower is now approved...
I don't know what happened either.

Thanks any way.
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i have the same problem !!!!
i first tried to log in with my new account: DD31 and i got the message above.
i could not resolve it.

i tried to create another account: GVD.
now i have THE SAME problem !!!!!

Can please an administrator resolve this and send me an email when my account is correctly activated?

thank you so much!
I have just the SAME problem with sunray shower.
I joined and made a post under the tag "School Seal" and then logged out, then I couldn't enter the site anymore.
What's wrong with my account?

My log-in account is "jasonwu."