Hi, I've not visited here for some time... it seems to me that the "Unanswered topics" list is broken. Some of the entries in it have been answered (e.g. at the moment, "gift", "Whose photo?", "A nesting osprey", "I am an Inner Mongolian" etc.) Also, it seems to be missing some posts that actually are unanswered but are recent enough so they ought to be in the list.

Is this feature known to be broken?
Yes we're fixing this asap, thanks Emotion: smile
OK, thanks. Actually, I think I misunderstood what "unanswered" means. I thought it meant no one had replied, but it seems there's a distinction between an "answer" and a "reply".

Is there a way to get a list of posts that have not had a reply?
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The unanswered list you see is a list of threads that do not have a verified answer, hence most of them most likely still need a "correct" answer.
We'll eventually add another list which only shows the posts without replies.
I see. Thanks.