To whom it may concern,

Quite probably you already know this, but the "Unanswered topics" section is broken. It lists a whole lot of messages that have in fact been answered.
You're probably sick of hearing me say this, but with the old program it never worked right. At some times of day it would take as much as six hours to clear an answered post from the unanswered list. I was jubilant when the "new" program handled this task instantaneously, from day one, as Hillary would say. There's never been a problem until today. I wish you Godspeed!

- A.

Edit. I note the carriage return is now a single space instead of a double. This one I applaud, although there's something to be said for the clarity of an occasional double space.

You can always hit it twice, and sometimes you need the single space. (I sometimes used to get it as a typo, but could never remember how.)
Hi Mr. Wordy,

It's alive and kicking (it seems) here: http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/TopicsNotAnswered.htm?ForumID=-1

Please give me the url you were using, and tell me where you're seeing that url generated (ie: where are you click to find it broken)

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Right!! sorry, missed that (punky explained that I missed the point completely) Emotion: smile

We'll add it do our bugs list, thanks for that!
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All fixed! - Sorry about that guys.. Also added to the shortcuts box on the main forum pages
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