What is the difference between the two?

The dictionaries say that they are synonyms. Is it right?


First try looking up those words in a dictionary, and tell us what you find. Tell us what you think the difference is.



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I still don't see the difference.

Maybe, "unappealing" means that some thing causes antipathy ("not able to attract favorable attention"), and "unattractive" means ugly.

red train 520I still don't see the difference.

OK. Sometimes it's a matter of which words are usually used together.

If you check out what nouns are used after each of those adjectives, you'll find that there is some overlap. (Google Ngram Viewer) But 'unattractive' is more likely to be used to describe a person.

Here are the top ten for each of those adjectives:

unappealing prospect, option, way, choice, idea, man, character, place, alternative, picture
unattractive woman, man, option, proposition, person, face, place, appearance, alternative, picture