- Introduction

- Main Characters

- Plot Summary

- My opinion

American biographical war drama film
Based on the 2010 non-fiction book by Laura Hillenbrand
Release Date : 25 December 2014
Produced and directed by Angelina Jolie
Screenplay: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Music by Alexandre Desplat

Main characters
JACK O’CONNELL (Louie Zamperini)
MIYAVI (Watanabe nicknamed “The Bird)

Story line

What Happened

Louie, living in California, his family briefly a traditional Italian family.
He becomes the fastest runner in his high schools history and ends up going to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany and he manages to set an American world record

In the opening scene shows a World War II US Air Corps B-24 Liberator bomber flying somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Then mechanical difficulties caused the plane to crash into. The only three to survive are Louie, Phil, and Mac.
On the 33rd day Mac dies. On the 47th day Louie and Phil are taken to a P.O.W. camp ( Prisoner of war).

The camp in Tokyo, where Louie is sent, is headed by Watanabe nicknamed the "Bird", who treats him very cruelly.
At the end of the war, Louie and the other prisoners in the camp are set free to return to their homes.

In January 1998, Luis ran a leg of the Olympic Torch relay for the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.
Louie died on July 2, 2014 at age 97

My opinion

I really like this movie, for me it’s one of the greatest movies.
The story of survival is very emotional, it’s about how to be strong and fight for life and freedom even if it’s hard to do.
It’s about anyone who becomes unbroken in any situation.
Luis is a real hero, he was very strong and brave person, his story is inspiring.

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