an uncompleted building

an unfinished building

My guess is :

An uncompleted building is a building that has not been built completely.

An unfinished building is a building that is being built and not finished yet.
I see no difference. Both could be either in process or abandoned.
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Can I use few words to distinguish them?

For example:

I want to express the meaning of an uncompleted building of which the construction is not over due to financial factor or other factors.But it's too long a sentence.
I'm not sure what your problem is, Hly. Both unfinished building and uncompleted building describe a building whose 'construction is not over due to the financial factor or other factors'.
Surely 'incomplete' rather than 'uncomplete'?!?
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That's another topic, I believe, Webreaper.

Quick definitions (uncompleted)
  • adjective: not yet finished

  • Quick definitions (incomplete)
  • adjective: not complete or total; not completed
  • adjective: not yet finished