whe people say 'Eat fruit and vegetables'.Why cannot be 'Fruits and vegetables' or 'Fruits and vegetable' or 'Fruit and vegatable'?
Fruit isn't often used with a plural s unless the reference is to various kinds of fruit. Sometimes fruits is also used after a numeral. People usually say: I ate a lot of fruit yesterday.

Fish is a similar word.

the wh people dont say fruit and vegetable?why must be vegetables?
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Maximus69why must be vegetables?
There's nothing grammatically exceptional in vegetable. The plural s is needed if there are many vegetables.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for good health.Emotion: smileThere is nothing wrong with saying "vegetables".

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Please answer my question:
Are they both grammatically correct?
If you were wondering, I live in New York.
If you are wondering, I live in New York.
Can you just give examples on how to use each or is it acceptable to interchange them?

Another question is:
I bought this from Wal-mart.
Is it correct?
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but why fruit dont need to add 's' but vegetable need to add 's'?Example the sentence that i constructed in my post
Maximus69whe Why do people say 'Eat fruit and vegetables'. Why cannot can't it be 'Fruits and vegetables' or 'Fruits and vegetable' or 'Fruit and vegetable'?
You can say, "Eat fruits and vegetables" or "Eat fruit and vegetables", but not those with "vegetable".

The word "fruit" is one of those words that can be used without s to refer to a whole class of food. In that case, it's uncountable. It can also be used with s. In that case it's countable.

The word "vegetable" is not the same kind of word, so it can't be used the same way. It's always countable.