Under developed and developing countries

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What exactly is the difference between the development of different countries??
What makes a country poor and a country rich..Is it due to mankind existing there or something else.. or
by nature..
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I think you should start by defining the words 'poor and 'rich'. Do you mean rich in culture? Or do you mean that the country has a very strong economy and a high standard of living?
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I believe, every country is neither developed or developing. neither rich or poor. I can say that my country is rich with good people and good culture, but poor with technology.
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Dear friends,

Developed country : Good economy, Good infrastructure, Good employment, Better standard of living, Army to list a few.

Developing country : The above qualities only to a smaller extent.

Even in developing countries there are cases where one moves at a rapid pace to get Developed country recognition ( China ) and the other which moves at a snail pace to get the same ( India ).

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what makes a country poor and a country poor?
There are a lot of reasons. To name a few,

1) Population.
2) Poor Planning.
3) Inefficient government.
I think it's not very wise to label a country as undeveloped or developed, since development is something very subjective. It depends on the time instant and critery used to measure it.

Often the label of underdeveloped country is applied to countries which are poor, defining poor country as country which doesn't have enough economical resources to sustain itselves. But, is it right to say a country is underdeveloped only because this reason? I think not, because a country may be very rich but it could have a really corrupt government which spends irrationally the money of the taxpayers, or a political class accustomed to steal fortunes to the state.

Maybe being 'developed' or 'underdeveloped' just depends on having or not a balance between government corruption and economical income.
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i want to know about west africa as underdeveloped countries and how is the globalization is going on there? i want to know also about its culture and economics
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West Africa is a huge area, with a number of countries, and an even larger number of different peoples living there, so it is an impossible task to look for a single culture or economical set-up. It's a bit like asking what is Europe's culture and economics - there is a huge variation. A multitude of peoples, languages, religions, cultures, governments....
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