Do I underline titles of movies in a compare and contrast paper?
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Any clues on this one teachers?
I may be wrong but i don't think that there's a 'rule' as such on this one. I know that there are guidelines to follow when writing a 'thesis' but these may not be the same for each institution. For the sake of layout i would probably bold the titles or italic or put them between single quotes 'like this'. Underlining usually means that you wish to stress something (or you've created a hyperlink). Hope this makes sense.
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Do you know if you underline the name of tests referenced in a personal essay such as the Clep exam or the MCAT?..Gracias
The rule we were taught is that titles of movies, books, paintings, and other bodies of artwork are all underlined when typed and italicized when published. (Of course, this was when italicization was something only a profession printer could manage.) Subheadings within such works are put in quotes. These would include chapters titles, article titles in a magazine, episode titles in a TV series, etc.
I encourage my students to underline book titles, so I guess that extends to films. I dont really care whether they do or not, it is not part of the markscheme! It only really matters if the name of the text is the same as a character in the story, e.g. Billy Elliot or Othello, then the underlining sets the title apart from the character and avoids any ambiguity.

Best person to ask is the person marking the paper!
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I'm trying to write a Query for school. I've never written one,but am supposed to underline to magagizes name. I tryed with my back-space key and enter key,but that is all wrong. Can you please help me out here,and give me some pointers?

According to a website I saw, MLA format requires movie titles to be underlined. Nowadays this is the same as italicizing the title.
when writting a compare and contrast paper do i under line the book or the movie title?
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