I WANT to understand ,speak and write perfect.PLEASE help me.Thanks
It would help if you could talk to someone else, maybe you could link up with someone over the internet?
wide reading helps a lot and saves you a lot of timeEmotion: smile
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The first thing that you have to do is reading a lot. Than you should get a vocabulary notebook. Write every word that you dont know and than write sentences about it. And every weekend read them.
You also should check at the dictionary for every word. Look how to read the word and read the meaning of the word. Also learn the word is noun or verb or adverb or adjective. It is useful for everybody. As far as I know in the exams most of the questions are about the words if they are noun or adjective or verb or adverb.
And also, keep a dairy. Watch English channels. Listen English songs. You will memorize different structures. And you will use them in daily speeches.
I suggest to you to chat with foreigners. You can learn much more words.
For now that is enough I thinkEmotion: wink