we all know that there are rich and undeveloped country (third world)

today i want to ask you people

Do you think that rich country must share or provide for the undeveloped country wealth

for example (midical,eduction,..etc)??? or its the goverment responsibility?

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It would be a nice thing to do.
Difficult to answer exactly. I live in Russia, that`s why I`ll speak from it`s position. What do you think, our country is poor or rich? In some ways I want to answer - it became richer in a few years. But if you look how many simple people live, you`ll see that a lot of them are rather poor, they could live much better! USSR always helped other countries, I mean Africa, but I think it would be better to take care after your people, in your country, and only after that helf another... If Russia hadn`t got problems on it`s territory, I would say: "Yes, let`s help another people...". But not everything is perfect on it`s territry... Emotion: sad
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On the one hand, I say yes, people should help other people who got into trouble. But on the other hand, look at some African countries now: in spite of all the help provided, the situation hasn't become much better there, there are still starvation, high level of death-rate (among children as well), poverty, unemployment and so on. From this point of view, I am coming to the conclusion that some help should be given, but unless people (Government) of an undeveloped country don't undertake something themselves, any help from reacher countries will be kind of useless. Besides, much help may provoke unwillingness to do anything.

So, I think that help should take place, but only to some extent.
well I live in the USA and I think that my contry could do something more than war...

Hi everybody,

I think "Undeveloped country" problems return to the government responsibility.So this country is a part of responsibility of the government to provides for them the basic services .

Yes,I think rich country must share with undeveloped country to don't feel people they are the low/high slide then other.

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i don't care if they want to help or not but please don't destroy them that's what we are asking you to do, don't destroy we don't need your help but as much as we don't need your destruction and occupation just keep away
Without help of developed countries the undeveloped countries won't get out of this vicious circle.
J. Bakerwell I live in the USA and I think that my contry could do something more than war...


Could it be more? Yes. But is there assistance now? Most definitely.
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