In this digital world we often use 'undo' command while we work on a file on computer. However, is the word 'undo' grammatically, correct? Using that command, we actually reverse something which we have already done. So, the command name should be 'undone'. My knowledge in English is very poor so I may be wrong. I hope the experts in this forum will clear my confusion.


Undo is a valid English verb. Here are example sentences:

I can’t undo my belt. Can you help me?

What's done cannot be undone.

She warned that one mistake could undo all their achievements.

It has taken a considerable effort to undo the damage done in that short meeting.

It is irregular. The forms are:

undo, undid (past), undone (past participle), undoing (present participle).

"undoing" is an interesting noun. There is frequent usage:

That was his undoing.

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Nil DuttaSo, the command name should be 'undone'

Nope. It's not undone until after you undo it. It is a command, so the verb is in imperative form, like "March!" or "Halt!", with the understood subject "you". You are commanding the computer to undo something.

@AlpheccaStars, thank you for the clarification.