Consider the following passage an answer the questions that follow:

Whether we eat at his place or mine, Ryan usually prepares the meal. Tonight I'd volunteered. I cook well, but not instinctively. I need recipes. Arriving home at six, I spent a few minutes recapping my day for Birdie, then took out the folder in which I stuff menus clipped from the Gazette. A five-minute search produced a winner. Grilled Chicken breast with melon salsa. Wild Rice. Tortilla with arugula salad.

(a) Name four different types of inflection and give one example of each taken from the passage above.

(b) Find two adverbs in the passage that are derived from adjectives; Write them down and underline the affix that changed them from an adjective to an adverb.

(c) Find two nouns in the passage that are derived from verbs by affixation; write them down and underline the affix that changed them from verbs into nouns.

(d) write down two compound nouns from the passage

please teach for this question~ Many thanks!
This looks a lot like homework to me, Civic. Why don't you Google some of these terms?-- inflection, adverb, affix, compound noun.
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Hi Mister Micawber:

The is not a homework~ Cause i got a exam tomo, so i try to review the past exam paper~ and this is one of the question for my example paper~ but i have no idea how to ask this question~ Many thanks!
Hello, Civic.

Please do not post direct links to downloads. If your exam is tomorrow and you have 'no idea' how to answer, then you are really in trouble. Did you Google the terms that I suggested and try to learn about their meanings?