In America they set up the Polygram Label Group which was a team of independents utilizing the same marketing unit run by a very smart guy called Rick Dobbis, who was great fun to work with.

--- Does it mean that Rick run the group of people who worked there or he run the marketing unit?

--- I understand that "utilizing" means that these people were using, hmm, I'm not sure "money" or "marketing strategies" as someone else?
This is not a particularly well-written sentence, but I would have to guess that Rick runs the marketing unit, since that's the closest phrase to the preposition. The "team of independents" is using the services of the marketing unit, which includes marketing strategies, and no doubt a certain percentage of their budget if the company is set up that way, so "money" is correct too. I'm dating myself here, but think of several different departments served by the same typing pool. Emotion: smile
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What actually "marketing unit" means? Is it something similar to promotion? I know what marketing is, but I'm not sure about "unit"?
What does "marketing unit" actually mean?Emotion: smile
I assume "unit" is a new way to say "department," just as clerks are now "team members" and customers are "guests."