Do you think that in the future it will be the country like that ?
Would you like to live there ?
Will be good if Europe connects ?
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Good question!

I can indeed see this happening in the future, but when? I don't know. Empires rise, empires fall, just ask the Romans or Alexander the Great. At some point the USA will undoubtedly splinter and I would expect another European 'empire' to arise at some point. (this could be hundreds of years away). Most countries are simply political constructs and if we learn anything from the past, it is that they do not endure forever and ever!

However, do I think a truly united Europe imminent? Not just yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens in my lifetime.

I don't know if it will be good or bad. Some of both probably. Very little is all good or all bad. I imagine that we will all still keep a pretty strong sense of country identity, in the way that Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland have even though we are all part of the United Kingdom. I expect that the euro will become THE European currency. I suppose that makes sense but we will all miss our original currencies for a while. I think that as one of Europe's island nations, we in the UK have a greater problem with the thought of assimilating with other countries. If you are on the mainland then your borders have changed, and politically you've had to adapt more, whereas the island countries have clearly defined physical borders and a more separatist attitude. Although I know that we are part of Europe, and am a pro-Europe person, I still don't think of the UK as part of Europe in quite the same way as other countries. You'll commonly find Brits talking about 'going to Europe', or 'over in Europe'.
I think that EU shouldn't be a political organisation. Economical collaboration and common currency is enough for me. Each country has its own foreign policy and EU isn't able to have the same standpoint everywhere. The next important thing is European patriotism. Does it exist ? Does it as major as normal ? Is it a virtue?
I think some people has got this feeling but I don't find it like a virtue. Europe has always been separated. There are many countries, cultures, languages and nations. It is impossible to connect them and we shouldn't try to do it. I hope United Stated of Europe will never be exist.
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I think it is impossible to think about an eurpean patriotism owing to the conflicts even in itself. The aim of the idea to unify Europa was because of the rising world powers. If EU cannot find a rival such as USA to remain unified against (I hope in my life span) , most probably the guns will turn into itself and Europa will start to talk about the conflicts in itself again.

I am very skeptical of a "United States of Europe." The history of Europe is one of conflict and disagreement, and I doubt that creating a circle of stars on a blue flag, supported by self-promoting Eurocrats, will have everyone living together in peace and harmony. Call me cynical - and I am - but if you simply take a peek at how folks behave during the European soccer championships you'll see how they feel about each other!

I've always subscribed to the notion that there is already a "United States of Europe:" it was created just a few hundred years ago and is called "The United States of America." If you doubt this, next time you stand up at the front of a group of 100 or more Americans, ask them all to tell you their origins, and you'll find someone from almost every European country represented.

I would like to see it as "The United Republics of Europe, as well as in the south of our continent (América) "The United Republics of América" or "Las Republicas Unidas de América", after all everyone in this continent is an american, including the Canadians.

Though this will take a long long time to happen if it ever happens, and the British are not really into it. They play a double game, being with Europe and also doing their stuff outside it with the U.S. You are either in or out.

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Robbi89There are many countries, cultures, languages and nations. It is impossible to connect them and we shouldn't try to do it.
Hmm... I am just trying to recollect how many regions, cultures, languages, nations, ethnic groups, etc Russia has... And all that haven't prevented her from being united for all the time, even despite she lost some territories after 1991 (is it really much in comparison with the rest area?..).

I think Europe will become united in the future.
I think thats a different kettle of fish , Ruslana.

Russia has united different cultures by atrocity,exile and banishing but Europe is not the same case. Russia has resorted to violence or unpleasent situations to gather different cultures but EU should both find pleasant resolutions to their conflicts and try to be one opinion in their mind , as well. I repeat myself on that if there were no peril outside the nation the former enemies would turn their eyes to themselves again. But we have a case of USA, China ,India( by the way , i really marvel at how such a diversity of culture,religions and ethnicity can prosper again. They are really an exemplary for the rest of the world even if there are still some conflicts in country.)and even Iran (if you count it as a danger but i dont actually, thats my contention)

Thats why i dont agree with you on this case.

JanissaryRussia has united different cultures by atrocity,exile and banishing...
Give me some examples so that I could better understand your point of view.
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