There is a hot debate about there should be an equal number of boys and girls in a class in universities. In my opinion, I disagree with this speech.

The reason is the origin of habits and hobbies of genders. Naturally, boys love working with machines and think logically about problems, that leads to they are good at scientific subjects, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. This means boys will choose areas related to calculation and logic like information technology, construction or some mathematical fields. In contrast, girls are sensitive and careful. Some areas about medication and kitchen are extremely suitable for females. They can carefully care for other people, for example, people can not refuse that they want to see the female nurses because of their diligent and grateful attitudes rather than seeing a big boy injects to a patient.

Another reason is this situation will not be realistic. Universities meet difficulties to have the correct numbers for both boys and girls to be the same figure in every subject. That makes some learning opportunities are going to decrease and even universities can not achieve targets and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). For example, in the IT area, which is good for males since they love doing on computers, schools have to find the right number of girls to adapt the milestones. Maybe it is going to be failed due to computers are not for that gender. Moreover, there is no guarantee that all areas are chosen by those two. In the medical area, especially nursery, boys might not be careful and sensitive enough to take care of the patient, but the girls can either. Thus, this type of field is a popular choice for females.

In conclusion, there can not be an equal number of boys and girls in a subject due to their hobbies and the characteristics of the faculties. However, the opportunities for studying in every subject are the same for both males and females

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