Over recent years, education is a hot debate that has had numerous discussions. It is firmly
assumed that students do not need to pay the tuition fees for their schooling while others hold
opposite opinions. From my perspective, I am in favor of the view that higher education
without charge should be encouraged.
On the one hand, there are plenty of the poor and disadvantaged around the world. In
particular, they cannot afford to pay the tuition fees due to not having enough money or
resource, which is more likely to make their dream come true. An obvious illustration of this
is that the number of individuals, who have poor income, must drop out of school to reduce
the financial burden, thus, their ambition can not fulfill. Therefore, education at no charge is
one of the best ways to give them an equal opportunity of studying.
On the other hand, the skilled labor force will enhance considerably if education in each
major is at no cost. In fact, students will have a balanced opportunity to study and it will lead
to a more productive and educated workforce. For example, if university education is free to
students, they may have a better educated and it will provide a variety of skilled workers in
the near future. Therefore, it is beneficial for a country to have lots of skilled human resources
from educated without charge.
To sum up, governments should put more emphasis on education by making it
free to make students feel equally as well as bring a myriad of skilled workplaces for the

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