I'm thinking about applying to university in the UK. I hope I get a offer for History. There is a possiblity that I have to take part in an academic interview, because the interview is part of the application. I've contacted the university and they "require" an IELTS 6 in speaking before the interview (arround December 2007). In August 2008 they expect an IELTS 7 in speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Does anyone have some tips or links that can help me? Is there also somebody who can give an indication what an IELTS level of 7 overall means. Is this level possible to achieve for somebody with only secondary school education?

I'm also seeking people who try to improve there English. Maybe we can exchange e-mail chat or skype and improve our English together.

Heee, guy.
Good luck...
Hope that these may help:

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