I'm trying to remember the artist that sang this rap song in the 80's. I think the song is named "split personality" but i can't find it. it kinda goes like this:
split personality, split personality, i can't control my split personality (chorus)
i'm a singer, a dancer, a rapper too
i can do anything that anybody can do
i can act like a crook and steal a book off a shelf
then i can act like a cop and arrest myself.
to do that you gotta have a strong mentality, in other words, gotta have a split personality
as a matter of fact, to be exact, come to think about it, i'm somewhat like that.
you see my split personality goes and comes, like two people trapped inslde of one.
one's a nice person, the other is not. one drinks cold water and the other drinks hot.
one minute your in my arms and i'm feeling you around then before you know it baby i'm beating you down, then i'll say sorry and together we'll cry, then i'll look you in the face and spit in your eye.
i'll snatch a baby's lollipop and then give it back, smile at the mother before i get slapped.
help an old lady across the street, then i'll trip the ? by sticking out my feet and then i'll help her up before she dirties her dress and give her 5 dollars for all that mess

i think i got the order of the verses mixed up a little but can anyone help with the title and artist

artist UTFO album Skeezer Pleezer
artist UTFO album Skeezer Pleezer

I'm not the OP who asked about this song. I just decided to run a search (again!! ) using lyric line I knew and randomly came here. The OP's question was in google's search page. THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! I'd have continued searching once in awhile forever but then there it was... YOUR post. I know this isn't solving world dilemmas but hey it made me happy to finally know who sang it so I could look it up and hear all the lyrics with real grown up ears now.
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What's up!!

The groups name is U.T.F.O off the album Skeezer Pleezer!! The song is also on www.youtube.com !! Look it up, listen and enjoy!!

Your Welcome!!

Wasn't sure of the artist either but I found the song easily enough. I'm writing to ask if anyone has a complete and accurate lyric sheet to this song. I've found a few hits, but they not completely accurate. Probably somebody playing the song over and over trying to transcribe them. As a kid I did the best I could but some of the language lyrics they do were too difficult to burn in to my 11 yro head. Now so much later in life I've trying to fix that.