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there are 2 known answers to this riddle: rules and laws
The answer is "laws" I figuered this one out and first put my reply another website and they agree that it is "laws".
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could always be promises
Could it not be secrets?
more specifically it would have to be natural law for manmade law is only esistent throughout the course of mankind itself. The same thing goes for time, time as a concept is manmade its a way that humans can cognitively explain the progression of existence in mathematical terms.
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its a bit far off, but.........

they is not it or them.

er....if that makes n e sense...hehe...

"it" referring to the promise of tomorrow, a better life, etc. "they' referring to everyday promises.
It seems, that the real tricky part of this puzzle is the fact no one here knows the answer. With out a definitve answer it's impossibale to actually say if we got it right, as it can always be argued it's something else.
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The answer is very simple.

It must be SAND.


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