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It has to be rules because rules confine us, but we break them all the time
i reckon the answer is

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Why not "dreams"?

They will live on in our children...

Hiya... me new here.. lets give it a shot though ...... hmmmm..

Well my first guess was wall.... but like the line "it shall exist and surround us" surely doesnt match the hypothesis ... but the rest of the riddle comes rightly in place with in the context of a wall..... so the thing must be something like a wall... but some thing which remains around us always... like I remember.... theres a saying ... "to infinity and beyond" it definitetly implies that people dont want to be stopped by the sky... and the "borken..." part fits with the ozone depletion which is a part of the sky... well please email me the answer if you get it .... I would really like to know it....
This is a good riddle because it has many answers. And all of them are right from what it seems.
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I figured out the answer, and im positive im right all ur answers are good but in them are flaws,

"Although Broken, it shall always exist and surround us, don't like to be confined in them and they shall outlive us all

What are they?"

First wat can be broken BONES bones last ferever, in everyday life we are surrounded by them even after we die they will still outlive us THEY are Bones
a cell
The answer the Riddle is memories... The will always exist and surround, some are broken, no one wants to be confined in their own memories.. and our memories will outlive everyone of us threw other people. I don't think that there is a better answer.
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an atom or a compound!!!
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